Pastors and Pastoral Care

The Ministerial Staff currently consists of Pastor Danny Cole, Membership, Pastor Kennis Sewell, Youth and Young Adults, Pastor L. Deneice Henderson, Administration and Ministry of Helps Director and Pastor Craig Tucker, Music Ministry.

There are times in our lives when the ministry of a Pastor is needed individually. Did you just get engaged and want to start pre-marital counseling? Did a love one pass, and you need to plan a funeral?  Do you need wisdom concerning a situation in your life? These are all life events in which we are able to assist.

Dr. Malone, along with his Pastoral Care team, consisting of anointed pastors and trained Elders; assist him in providing biblical guidance. When a crisis occurs in your life, we are your point of contact. We will provide hospital visitation, one-on-one spiritual guidance and marital/relational support.

Please contact the administration office at 901.624.2424 to schedule a meeting and let’s discover the direction the Lord has for this season of your life.