Founder and Senior Pastor

#18-finalBrief Biography of Dr. Sidney P. Malone, a Senior Pastor, Pioneer, Businessman, Author, Leader, Executive & Career Life Coach

 Relative. Cutting Edge. Contemporary. Daring. These are a few words among so many others that people have used concerning Dr. Sidney P. Malone. As a Relative leader, he is the founder and CEO of New Growth International, a multi-faceted corporate entity that oversees various non-profit and for profit ventures. As a Cutting Edge leader, Dr. Malone has never stopped learning. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Education Administration and Supervision. In 2004, the St. Thomas Divinity School located in Jacksonville, Florida presented Dr. Malone with an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. Dr. Malone is also a 2009 spring graduate of Memphis Leadership, a prestigious organization designed to recognize the future leaders of Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Malone’s Contemporary leadership is on display every Sunday at New Growth In Christ Christian Center, a thriving, innovative contemporary ministry that ministers to millions of people via television, published media, conferences and weekly meetings. He is also the founder of Ministry Training International, a school of ministry that provides leadership training for all who endeavor to venture into ministry or serve in any capacity of leadership.

Dr. Malone dares to go into places not traditionally tackled by others and makes no apologies for the success that we should experience in Life. “If you can dream it, then you can do it”! This statement echoes throughout Dr. Malone’s life and in the lives of countless others who have experienced his unique style of inspiration and encouragement.

Dr. Malone is the proud parent of four (4) daughters, Dominique, Sydney, Jasmine and Madison.