Ministry of Helps


Announcers’ primary purpose is to welcome members and visitors, on behalf of Dr. Malone, to the service and to the City of Memphis!  Announcements are read to the congregation from a scripted outline.  They may also provide commentary, interview guests and serve as Master of Ceremony for special events.  Announcers also pre-record announcements for Sunday 8:00 a.m. and Wednesday 7:00 p.m. services.

 Audio Ministry

The purpose of the Audio Ministry is to provide full audio coverage, technical coordination, and stage management for the main sanctuary, lounge and all other support ministries.  Operate sound recording equipment to record sermon messages and special music for the Media Ministry.   We are also responsible for all audio system setup, maintenance, installation, upgrades, and the setting and striking of all stage props for dramatizations in the sanctuary. Our goal is to develop a pool of skilled volunteers to assist as needed.

Café G Bookstore

Café G provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where people can fellowship over beverages and refreshments.  We provide friendly service to members and visitors who appreciate the convenience of refreshments before and after all services.  We are looking for people with good customer service skills and a heart to serve.

Café G Bookstore is also an unique ministry providing books, Bibles, teaching CDs taught from the pulpit at NGIC.

 Church Administration Volunteers

The Administration Office operates in a standard of excellence and is the central location for all entities of New Growth International (NGI). Church Administration Volunteers assist with daily administrative duties of the ministry, i.e. typing, filing, proofreading, scanning, faxing and answering telephones. Volunteers must be able to take direction and work in a team environment.  Confidentially is a must.  In addition, volunteers assist with preparing for upcoming conferences and workshops.

 Customer Service Associates

The Customer Service Associates (CSA) has one primary goal: creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance within New Growth International.  The CSA reach out to adults, children, and visitors and to the church family with an encouraging word and a handshake.  The CSA provide informational tours, answering questions from visitors and members and giving them direction about the service format, the location of children’s ministries, and other “new corner questions.”

Dance Ministry

The Dance Ministry is responsible for beautiful creative dance that interprets special music or narrations that honors God and inspires the congregation. Creative dancers are expected to rehearse as needed before a scheduled event. This will include choreography and routines with special musical or narrative presentations. All dances will be performed as unto the Lord during worship services or special events.

 Drama Ministry

The purpose of the Drama Ministry is to reinforce the message and ministry that Dr. Malone ministers.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between biblical principles and practical life such as to create a vivid image of the Word of God in Action. We want the congregation to be able to relate with what’s being said or done on stage so that they apply the message to their own life.  The Drama Ministry also purposed to further develop the acting, writing and directing skills of our drama ministers as we aim to produce anointed and excellent productions.

Facility Maintenance Ministry

Our church has been blessed with a beautiful, world-class facility.  The Facility Maintenance Ministry has the responsibility to keep it clean and serviced for the enjoyment of our congregation and visitors.  Our goal is to build lasting relationships as we work together to keep a standard of excellence in the appearance of our building.  We work with the schedules of those who want to be involved

First Response Medical Ministry

Are you a healthcare of EMS professional looking for an opportunity to serve and use your skills and training in a Christian setting?  The First Response Ministry may be just what the doctor ordered.  Through your compassionate service, you will help others in need while building a solid network of relationship with other Christian medical professionals.

Graphic Design and Marketing Ministry

The objective of the Graphic Design Ministry is to develop concepts for and design visual images for NGIC marketing material and in-house graphics. These professionals hold a strong understanding of visual communications and are able to captivate design styles to meet the goals and vision of NGIC.

Greeters Ministry

The most powerful medium of communication is love. With this in mind, the Greeters Ministry strives to fulfill our primary goal as Christians to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance.  We strive to continue to maintain a warm and hospitable atmosphere as our congregation and facilities continues to grow.  Thus, we look for people who can express the love of God through encouraging words and handshakes to everyone who comes through our doors.  After training is completed, you will become part of a passionate team that serves based on a monthly rotation schedule.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is responsible for providing first-class catering service to the many outreaches we host here at NGIC such as the New Members Luncheon, First Time Visitors Reception, Executive Reception, and other special events.  This is a busy but rewarding ministry that is looking for people to set up for the events.  If you would like more information regarding this ministry, please contact us.

Interior Decorating Team (IDT)

The Interior Decorating Team has a beautiful job of decorating and enhancing the interior of New Growth International (NGI).  If you have a flair for decorating, floral arranging, organization skills and enjoy seasonal decor shopping we’d love to have you join us! As a decorating team member, you will have the opportunity to join other passionate team members to plan, obtain needed items, and decorate the focus areas for the theme or the event.

Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing & Public Relations ministry is committed to promoting a positive image for New Growth International and the Senior Pastor for the retention and growth of membership.

Writing and editing skills are essential to help develop printed or digital media. The PR ministry will develop advertisements, flyers, public relation pieces, news releases, newsletters and assist the graphic designers to improve and maintain NGIC’s image within the community and abroad.  The PR department will coordinate meetings with various people of influence to promote good news about NGIC and Senior Pastor.

 Management Information System (MIS)

The MIS department is responsible for the Technological components of New Growth International (NGI).  This department will insure that all computers and technological components are operating properly and provide diagnostic services when necessary to keep optimal performance of equipment.

Media Ministry

Media Ministry is responsible for the duplication and production of audio and video products.  Maintain an organized library of masters and duplicated products; ensuring each master CD and DVD are appropriately labeled with sermon title, speaker and date.

Music Ministry (Choir, Musicians and Praise Team)

The primary purpose of the Music Ministry is to provide anointed and excellent music for our weekly services, conferences and productions. Music is a powerful tool that creates an atmosphere for the working of the Spirit of God to minister directly to the needs of the people. It prepares them to receive ministry through worship and ushers in the presence of God in the hearts of everyone for the ministering of the Word.  We believe that the Music ministry reinforces the message that NGIC is “definitely not church as usual!”

NGI KIDS Ministry

Kids Ministry Workers minister to children age 4 through 5th grade during regular service times using drama, puppets, learning centers, etc. No previous experience necessary; we will train. Background checks are required.

NuUth Teen Ministry 

NuUth’s Youth Ministry’s purpose is to guide youth into a personal relationship with God enabling them to have prosperity in every area of their life; spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially in order to share Christ with others, The mission of NuUth is to inspire NGIC youth to have a passion toward Christ and to encourage them to turn toward the Father. No previous experience necessary; we will train. Background checks are required.

Photography Ministry

The Photography Ministry complements the ministry by taking photos of the services, special events, portraits of the pastor and membership, annual October Fall Fest and Health Fair and many other events.  These photos equip our ministry with images that we use to document the history and testimonies of New Growth International (NGI).

 Poetry Ministry

DO YOU ENJOY WRITING POEMS? Do you express yourself in writing?  Do you believe in the power of God’s Word to heal, encourage and inspire others, bring unity to all people from different cultures and backgrounds?  The Poetry Ministry reinforces the message ministered by Dr. Malone through rhythm and rhyme.

Social Media

The Social Media Ministry communicates current events using the World Wide Web.  With this in mind, our team strives to use every technological mean available including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.  Thus we look for people who are technologically savvy and communicate effectively.

Sidney P. Malone Ministries (SPMM)

The vision of SPMM is to Promote Kingdom Principles Locally and Globally by:

  • Equipping leaders globally with the necessary skills for leading and influencing others so that their life skills and assignments are enhanced and fulfilled.
  • Helping Ministers and Managers lead more effectively and efficiently.
  • Demonstrating leadership principles practically that produce results from the kitchen table to the conference table.

We are here to serve the hundreds of people who have partnered with SPMM Ministries.

Television Ministry

The Television Ministry’s purpose is to use the highest quality production standard in producing programs and teach believers how to overcome in every area of life and to be a witness to win souls with the Word of God.

Traffic Controller

First impressions are important. That is why the Traffic Ministry works so hard to provide our congregation and visitors with an orderly and safe direction of the traffic flow and assist those with special needs. We take this task seriously, because we truly are the first ministry seen by those coming to NGIC.

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry prepares and maintains the spiritual atmosphere of our sanctuary by praying before service and keeping a sense of order while the service proceeds. In addition to collecting the offering and escorting people to their seats, we also protect the anointing that follows the preaching of the Word by helping with any ministry taking place at the altar.